• Am I going to be charged every day for my donation?

    While technically you are giving a dollar a day to support shluchim, we don’t charge your credit card daily because the associated transaction fees make that impractical. Instead, we charge your card either monthly, or annually, depending on which plan you choose, and we distribute a dollar a day on your behalf.

  • What if I want to give more than $1 a day?

    Who are we to stand in the way of your generosity of spirit? Feel free to pick any amount you want for your daily donation, as long as it is $1 or more.

  • Are dedication opportunities available?

    Absolutely. When you choose your donation plan, we offer you a spot where you can specify what your donation is for. Should you choose to make a donation in honor of another person, you can also arrange for them to receive a daily email reminding them of your donation. We also offer the option of sending them an email on your behalf, letting them know that a daily donation is being made in their honor.

  • How much of my dollar actually goes to the shluchim?

    Our beneficiaries receive a full dollar from every donor.  When you sign up with Dollar Daily, there is a very minor surcharge added to cover credit card processing fees and our operational costs. 

  • This is tax deductible, right?

    Yep.  Tax-deductible receipts will be available for download at www.DollarDaily.org in your login

  • Can I donate from anywhere?

    If you are on the grid, you can make a donation. Our Stripe payment platform can convert any currency into U.S. dollars.

  • I changed my mind - can I change my donation plan, too?

    No worries - sometimes we have a change of heart as well, so we totally get it. Changes are easy to make on our contact page - feel free to give a yell if you have any questions.

  • How do you handle Shabbos and yom tov donations?

    Very carefully so that we are in complete compliance with Jewish law. We make sure that Friday donations are made before Shabbos and that Saturday donations occur only after Shabbos ends. We do the same thing on yom tov, making sure donations are made either before the holiday starts or after it ends.

  • I already give plenty of tzedaka. Tell me why I want to be part of Dollar a Day.

    The beauty of Dollar Daily, which is modeled after the DailyGiving.org model, is that it isn’t about just one dollar. Dollar Daily is all about the collective power of Klal Yisroel coming together to support a worthy cause, in this case our shluchim, who serve tens of thousands of Jews each day in all corners of the planet and yet are completely self-sufficient and receive no organizational funding.  We like to think of ourselves as a community of givers, whose joint donations make a monumental difference in the lives of our beneficiaries.

  • Let’s hear about those beneficiaries. What can you tell me about them?

    Actually, we could go on and on for hours about them, but we’ll try to keep things short because we know that your to-do list is probably a mile long. We know of plenty of shluchim who are facing extremely challenging financial situations, either for themselves or for their mosdos. While some are living in the United States, others may be in Israel, the Former Soviet Union or other international locations. New shluchim can also be facing difficult circumstances as they get their bearings and we are also proud to feature mikvahs and summer camps among our beneficiaries.

  • How do you become a Dollar a Day beneficiary?

    Shluchim can apply to become beneficiaries by sending us a one page description of their work and all that they do. Our team will review applications as they come in and choose beneficiaries whose needs and efforts most closely match our mission.