About Us

About us

DollarDaily - Helping Shluchim Worldwide

Dollar Daily is so much more than just a fundraising platform. Sure, we are honored to be able to help Chabad shluchim all over the world with their personal finances, but Dollar Daily is all about being there for each other and appreciating that when we work together, our small contributions can actually have a huge impact.

While having a Chabad presence in remote parts of the country and even some of the most far-flung outposts of the world is something that most of us take for granted, shluchim and their wives are self-supporting.  They receive no paycheck for their services or organizational funding to cover any of their expenses, leaving many facing daunting realities including having to shoulder the cost of importing kosher food and other necessities and traveling for hours or even flying to the nearest mikvah.

Having seen the success of  www.DailyGiving.org website, Yad L’Shliach, Yosef Shidler and COLLive are following in their footsteps (with their approval, of course) and are encouraging people to join the Dollar Daily movement by signing up for a donation of one dollar each day. Different categories of shluchim will be featured to receive the total funds collected each day, and all of those seemingly small contributions given through the site actually add up to a pretty significant sum when you put them all together.

Your daily contribution may seem small to you, but it will mean the world to our shluchim. Join Dollar Daily and help shluchim all over the world shine the light of Torah far wide.